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Toshkent madaniyat kolleji
G.R.Yusupova,  D.D.Ahmedova the head of the department “Language and literature”,
Tashkent College of Culture
Sometimes a fundamental issue facing teachers is whether setting a goal of native speaker communicative competence is appropriate in an EFL setting. As presented earlier, the goal set by all in CLT is to develop

8 Top Absurd Things People Tell You If You Say You Want to Learn English

Perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world is to get started, right? For example, you want to do something and change your life forever but you cannot get started.

To make things even worse when you start you suddenly start meeting those people who are ready to tell you things that are totally absurd if you think about them deeply.

Today I

ATTENTION: Aren't you making these 3 silly mistakes when speaking English?

Oftentimes I catch students making these mistakes. It is just heartbreaking because it does not matter what level of English they may have.

They all do. And worst of all, they repeat them so many times that if someone (e.g. a teacher) corrects them, they lose a spirit.

But today I decided to come up with a blog post highlighting these

English is Key to Dialogue

O'zbekiston Davlat jahon tillari universiteti
3-4 февраль кунлари Ўзбекистон давлат жаҳон тиллари университетида олий таълим тизими инглиз тили ўқитувчилари учун English is Key to Dialogue («Инглиз тили — мулоқот калити»)мавзусидаги халқаро анжуман ўтказилди. Анжуман "Ўзбекистонда хорижий тиллар" интернет портали ва илмий-амалий журнали таҳририяти томонидан Олий ва ўрта-махсус

Чет тилини ўрганишга юксак эътибор

Чет тили
Президентимизнинг 2012 йил 10 декабрдаги “Чет тилларни ўрганиш тизимини янада такомиллаштириш чора-тадбирлари тўғрисида”ги Қарори иқтидорли йигит-қизлар сафини янада кенгайтириш, уларнинг хал­қаро кўламда илм олишга бўлган қизиқишини кучайтириш, хорижий тилларни билиш даражасини юксалтиришда муҳим дастуриламал бўлмоқда. Ушбу ҳужжат замонавий педагогик ва ахборот-коммуникация технологияларидан фойдаланган ҳолда ўқи­тишнинг илғор услубларини жорий этиш йўли билан ўсиб келаётган ёш авлодни чет тилларга ўқи­тиш, хорижий тилларни пухта биладиган мутахассисларни тайёрлаш тизимини тубдан такомиллаштириш, соҳада халқаро ҳам­корлик ва мулоқотни ривожлантириш учун қулай шарт-шароит ва имкониятлар яратмоқда.

Legends of Uzbekistan

Чет тили
The Khan and the Weaver
A long time ago, when Khans ruled the regions of Central Asia, there lived in the city of Margelon a cruel and vicious ruler. He was the Khan, and he lived in a beautiful palace behind great walls in the center of the city, while the people of that city lived in poor clay huts surrounding the palace.
The Khan was very vain and proud, and liked to dress himself in fine clothing. Every morning he ordered his weavers to make a new robe for him from the very finest of fabrics.

One day the Khan learned that a new weaver had arrived in the city. He summoned the weaver to the palace, and said, “I have heard that you weave beautiful fabrics. Tomorrow morning you shall bring me a robe made of a fabric which no eyes have ever seen before. If you fail, I

Legends of Uzbekistan

Чет тили
The Sheep and Kashkir
Once upon a time there was a very bad king. One day the king put a poor guiltless man, whose name was Kashkir, in a dungeon. The parents of this man were related to the king, and only for this reason did they find any favor from him.
The king said to him, “I will set you free only on one condition. I will give you one sheep and hay, with which you can feed him, for one month. After one month we will put the sheep on a scale, and if the sheep weighs more than it does today, you will lose your head.” Kashkir had no choice but to agree.

So the king ordered his servants to give the sheep and the hay to the young man, and a place in the palace to stay. Of course, the young man understood that he would not be able to do what the king wanted, and was

Legends of Uzbekistan

Чет тили
The Master Potter
Once there lived a potter who made the very best ceramic vases, plates and dishes. He had a very good pupil, but one day his pupil decided to make plates without further instruction from his teacher. He tried and tried many times, but his dishes were not as bright or as colorful as his master’s.

Then he

Legends of Uzbekistan

Чет тили
Emom Azam
In Uzbek history there was an outstanding scientist by the name of Emam Azam. One day, as he was walking along the river, he saw a beautiful apple hanging from a tree, and very badly wanted to taste it. He took the apple and bit it. But as he continued on his journey, his conscience began to bother him, because he had eaten an apple which did not belong to him.

With such thoughts, he returned to the place where he had gotten the apple, he called to the owner and told him what he had done. The owner listened attentively, then said, “Okay, I forgive you, but I have one condition. You must marry my daughter, but I need to tell you, she cannot speak, cannot hear, cannot see, and cannot walk.”

Legends of Uzbekistan

Чет тили
How Samarkand Got Its Name
A long time ago, in a region of Central Asia, there was a great and wicked king who lived in a beautiful castle. One day his wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter and they named her Kand, which means sugar in the Uzbek language.

About the same time, there was a baby boy born to a very poor family. They named him

Legends of Uzbekistan

A treasury of uzbek legends and lore
Чет тили
It has been known from ancient times, that there was a king who traveled with his army to many countries. At last he came to a town near the mountains of Central Asia. Soon after they arrived there, his favorite wife became ill, and he was very frightened that he would lose her, so he said to his ministers, “If anyone should inform me about the death of my wife, I will remove his head.”
He called the doctors from every city and village, but they could not find the cause of his wife’s illness. Then one day when he was away, his wife died, but no one could bear to tell the news to the king. They pondered with great difficulty about how to solve the problem when, finally, a wise young man came forward and said that he would tell the king. Everybody was amazed

National folk instruments (Tanbur)

Чет тили
Tanbur — A stringed instrument in the shape of a pear. It usually plays classical music with a sorrowful sound.
The Mulberry Tree and the Silkworm
At the time of the reign of the Persian king, Fariddin, the great scientist, Pifagor, created the tanbur. He made it with the wood of the mulberry tree, and he used the silk from the silkworm for the strings.

National Folk Instruments (Noghora)

A treasury of uzbek legends and lore
Чет тили
Noghora — a very large drum made from leather and played with sticks. Often used to lead troops into battle or to call people to an execution.

 The Voice Heard Through 18 Stones
According to legend it is said, that when Iscandar Zulkarnayen (Alexander of Macedonia) occupied Iran and Central Asia, he gathered together more than 400

National Folk Instruments (Ud)

Чет тили
Ud — A large instrument with four strings.
Fisoghur's Dream
One day, when Fisoghur was sleeping, he had a dream. In the dream an old man came to him and said, “Tomorrow, early in the morning, you must go to the market where they make thread from cotton, and you will discover a secret there.”

The music of Uzbekistan

A treasury of uzbek legends and lore
Чет тили

The importantance of music
In ancient times there was a king who had no heir, but he had a very wise advisor. The advisor knew that, if the king should die, there would be a big struggle for the throne.
Finally, the time of the king’s death came, and the advisor sent messengers throughout the land. He ordered them to bring all the male children that were born on the day the king hat died. He also ordered the musicians to come to the palace. When all the babies and musicians were there, he put one servant near each one, and when the babies began to cry, he ordered musicians to play their instruments. He told the servants to tell him which baby would stop crying first at the sound of the music.

Zumrad and Kimmat

Чет тили

A very long time ago there lived an old man with his daughter, Zumrad. After his wife he died, he thought his daughter needed a mother so he decided to marry again. The stepmother had a daughter of her own, and her name was Kimmat. Zumrad was a very beautiful, clever and kind girl, but Kimmat was very wicked.


Чет тили
Once upon a time there was an old man who had three sons. Before he died he called his sons together, and told them that there was a sack of gold in the large field where the old man grew rice. Soon after the old man died, the sons wasted no time in digging up the entire field, but they could not find the gold. They were sorely disappointed. Finally they gave up.
When winter came they were very hungry, because they had not planted the field with rice. In spring they planted rice, and in the summer they had a bountiful harvest, which they were able to sell at great profit.
They realized that the gold, of which their father had spoken, was in the work of their hands and in the sacks of rice.

Navoi and Foolish People

A treasury of uzbek legends and lore
Чет тили
Kang Hussain Baykaro, always followed the advise of Alisher Navoi. But the other advisors, who hated Navoi, were very jealous of him. Finally, they convinced the king that Navoi was saying bad things about him. He called the poet to his palace and asked him to prove his innocence. Navoi would answer the charges, because he believed that the king was already convinced of his duplicity. When he was silent, the king became enraged and ordered that he be put in prison.