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8 Top Absurd Things People Tell You If You Say You Want to Learn English

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world is to get started, right? For example, you want to do something and change your life forever but you cannot get started.

To make things even worse when you start you suddenly start meeting those people who are ready to tell you things that are totally absurd if you think about them deeply.

Today I am going to tell you 8 top absurd things you should be aware of and prepare yourself if you seriously want to improve or learn English.

Let’s goooooooooooo! 

1.    You can learn English in one month

Anyone … anyone who says you can learn English in one month is lying to you. It is impossible. You know … actually when someone says it is possible you probably need to ask what kind of English he/she really means. 

For a lot of people being able to say some duty expressions such as “Can you drive me to Hotel Amaretto?” or “May I have two hotdogs please?” is enough. It makes them happy and oftentimes they think they know English.

Bottom line:  you cannot learn English in just one month.

2 . You should learn Chinese, not English

Their argument is that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and the Chinese economy is going to be a number one in the world very soon. Well, yes Chinese is the world’s most spoken language but it holds such status only because of its population. 

There are  1,393,783,836  of Chinese people speaking Chinese  while  English is spoken by  355.5  millions of people. But is Chinese spoken all around the world? No, it is not and so what …if the Chinese economy is growing and booming? Do you know that inside China approximately 300,000,000 of  Chinese are also learning English?

Bottom line:   learn English anyway but one day,  try to learn Chinese if you can.

3.   Americans do not care about grammar

Well, what kind of Americans are we talking about here …those who graduated from a university or those who could not even finish a high school? Well-educated Americans, those who run their own business and/or work in either governmental or private sectors they do care about their grammar.  

Here is my proof. Maybe they cannot explain you the difference between Past Simple and Present Perfect but they do care about grammar.

Bottom line:   OK…let the Americans not care about English grammar. But you should.

4.   It is too late for you to learn English

It is totally and totally untrue… I seriously started learning English just one year before I entered the university and before that I did not have any experience in learning foreign languages. 

Well, I was good at Russian lessons but I would not call it foreign language because my kindergarten was a Russian speaking one too. So do not worry. Get started as soon as possible and I am sure you can learn and even master English one day.

Bottom line:   it is never too late to learn.

5.  You cannot learn English yourself

When I was a student my family could not afford hiring private tutors and at school English used to be taught on a surface level so I had to work on my English myself most of the time. I had short-term opportunities to work with some private tutors who were my relatives and/or English teachers who liked me most. 

So I had several one-to-one lessons. But I am telling you … I seriously started making real progress when I took the whole situation on my hands and did comprehensive learning of English.

Bottom line:  you can learn English yourself. You can and period.

6.   You can easily learn English if you live in New York

I wrote an article about this last week. You can  read it here. You can live in any English speaking country but if you do not actually do anything about your English you will not learn it. If you are happy to know just spoken English then it might be good. 

But you cannot go far with it and if you wish to enter a university and get a good job later on then you will need to know English in a literate level. It means your grammar, speaking, writing, reading and listening should be really high.

Bottom line:  with only spoken English your opportunities will be extremely limited.

7 .  You can’t learn English if you do not know Russian

I also used to think so. You know I come from a family where we only speak Uzbek (our mother language) and nobody speaks Russian and the place where I live and studied nobody spoke Russian. So I used to get stressed and think that without knowing Russian I would not be able to learn English. 

But one day I just stopped and thought …”How Russian is related to English? They are two totally different languages. Ouuu… what about Arab or Chinese people who also do not know Russian? How in the world they know English?” And I gave up the idea that in order to learn English first you must know Russian. Totally not true…

Bottom line:  you can learn English without knowing any extra foreign languages.

8 .  You should only work with great teachers

With the highest confidence I can tell you that no great teacher in the world can help you learn and master English if you do not want to learn it from the bottom of your heart and seriously get down to business. 

I have seen a lot of teachers in my life and all of them helped a lot but still they could not always give me exactly what I always wanted and needed. So I can say I started dramatically improving my English only from that day when I started working on my English myself.

Bottom line:  stop searching for great teachers. Start working.

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Good article! I like it,and I want to express my profound gratitude for writing this excellent text. For me it's wonderful that You don't speak Russian,but nevertheless You have excellent English command. I used to think that knowledge of English has inalienable connection with knowledge of Russian,but You brilliantly smashed to pieces that my fallacy! Concerning myself. I am Uzbek with European style upbringing,so I mosltly speak Russian.
With the best wishes! Yours sincerely Chudilo
Рўйхатдан ўтганлар ва тасдиқланганларгина изоҳ қолдиришлари мумкин.