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The House of My Dream

1. Every person has his own idea of a perfect house.
Since the time immemorial people always wanted to make their dwelling a place, where one feels comfortable and cosy, where one always wants to come back to.
A dwelling of my dream is not a flat but a two-storeyed mansion. And as a real hostess I’d like to arrange everything in the

My Future Profession.

“What should I choose as my future profession?” – this is a question that every young person asks himself entering the adult world. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2,000 existing in the world. It’s especially difficult if you like doing different things, if you have

High School of the Future

There are no bells at Salt Lake City’s Innovations Early College High School, and no traditional “classes.” Students show up when they like, putting in six and a half hours at school between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Working with a mentor teacher, students set their own goals and move through self-paced online lessons. They can take more

3 истинные причины, почему люди бросают изучение английского

Почти все мы когда-либо начинали учить английский: в школе, университете, на курсах или с репетитором. Однако только единицы могут похвастаться тем, что выучили его. Что случилось с остальными? Большинство из них бросили изучение языка, но почему? Если мы попросим человека назвать причину, из-за которой он прекратил занятия, то, скорее

12 причин вести блог на английском, когда английский не родной язык

Как вы могли понять из заголовка (и подзаголовка) к данному посту, английский не мой родной язык, так что писать на английском для меня не простая задача. После восьми с половиной лет ведения блогов — в основном моего личного блога и unadocenade.com  — я решилась открыть для себя новые возможности, новые сообщества и новые инструменты.

My Future Profession (Doctor)

There are many interesting and noble professions. I want to be a doctor. It is an interesting profession.
I understand that it is necessary to study a lot to become a doctor. I also understand that this profession requires great responsibility because it deals with the most precious thing that a person has — with his health.
My mother and


Smoking is the best way to bad health. Today half the men and a quarter of the women in the world smoke on the average.
Some people think that there is not much sense in refraining from smoking, since the inhabitants of many cities and even villages breathe air contaminated with industrial and automobile wastes. They are very wrong. Vehicle

Table Manners

Good table manners avoid ugliness. All rules of table manners are made to avoid it. To let anyone see what you have in your mouth is offensive. So is to make a noise. To make a mess in the plate is disgusting. So there are some rules how to behave yourself at the table:
Do not attract undue attention to yourself in public.
When eating take as

International children’s day

The most fun and joyful holiday of the year! Summer! Vacation! The sun! Freedom of action! The opening of all amusement parks and attractions! Cheerful, enthusiastic, happy baby face!!! And no less festive and cheerful faces of the relatives, any adult who built this world of happiness, who gave strength and health for happy today, this is still a

An interview with harvard graduate school of education dean james ryan about equity, empathy, and citizenship — and the role schools play

In divisive times, the work of teachers and school leaders grows ever more challenging. What happens at home, in the media, and in the political sphere makes its way into schools, affecting policies, classroom conversations, and relationships among students and staff. This spring, faculty and students at the Harvard Graduate School of