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MoU signed between Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages and Heidelberg University of Education on Academic Collaboration

Самарқанд давлат чет тиллар институти жамоавий блоги
An international memorandum of understanding was signed between Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages and Heidelberg University of Education. The signing ceremony of the MoU took place at Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages on the 14th of January of the current year. The memorandum calls for collaboration in co-operation on new or existing academic programmes, the development of joint research activities, student and staff exchange or mutual visits to both institutions, doctoral student training and development, the exchange of information in the form of publications and journals, reference materials and other results of teaching and research and any other activities viewed to be potentially beneficial between SamSIFL and HUE.
The Memorandum was signed by the rector of SamSIFL Dr. Ilkhomjon Tukhtasinov and the rector of HUE Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Huneke. Whereas the two universities desire to develop academic cooperation in various fields, and agreed to initiate collaborative activities in academic areas of mutual interest such as exchange of faculty and researchers for purpose of teaching, conducting lectures and research, exchange of expertise, exchange of students, conducting collaborative research projects, jointly organizing symposia, seminars, and conferences as well as sharing of academic and scientific information and materials.
During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on trends of education development as globalization further develops and experiences of internationalization, discipline construction and promotion of scientific research, the program of training talents for international organizations. 
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Huneke expressed his belief that signed MOU can make an important contribution to enhancing the quality of Education if it is developed and delivered responsibly and effectively.
In its turn, Dr. Ilkhomjon Tukhtasinov expressed his optimism in establishing strong relations between two higher educational institutions. He mentioned HUE delegation’s visit to SamSIFL both a start toward an enhanced understanding and broad relationship with Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages at different levels.

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