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Children of independence

Speaking about the present and about the future of Uzbekistan, we always remember about the Independence Day, and about the changes after that great event. However the new history of our motherland, the period of triumphs of our great country begins right after then Independence, we youth of Uzbekistan must appreciate this blessing. Our today life is coordinately different then the life in which lived our parents and great parents; Then the life in “iron curtain”, when human rights and freedom were strangled by the principles of Communism, liberalism and democracy were forbidden under the spurious promises of ruling regime of USSR. There are enough people in our days who remember how CPSU of Central Committee interdicted the elements of spirituality, customs and traditions of our people, blackening our National history and forcing to forget our Great ancestry, scientists as Avicenna, Abu Rayhon Beruni, Imam Al Bukhari, Abu Nasr Forobi, heroes of our past as Amir Temur, Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur.
It’s known to the World Community about repressions, shootings and links of Stalin’s period, the bloody period that we call in our history books as “qataghon”, when Soviet authorities openly liquidated outstanding people of our Motherland as Abdulla Qodiri, Fitrat, Chulpon and other 159.400 people, or about violent reprisal with Turkistan Autonomy in 1918 burning the Kokand and killing 10.000 people. Despite of cruel and tricky policy of communists with their inner politics tried to eclipse our real history, aspiration for liberty, every patriot in Uzbekistan believed that collapse of Red Empire is unavoidable.
 In the end of 20’s century the precarious situation was all over the USSR, but acquiring Independence wasn’t so easy. To the 80’s of the previous century the wrong economic politics of old regime became evident. Situation in Uzbekistan SSR became even more difficult. Especially in Uzbekistan status of people in agrarian sector was very bad. For evidence: average salary in Kashkadarya region was 46 soums, employees of “Kolkhoz” an establishment of collectivized farms received charge in an amount 42 soums. USSR used Uzbekistan as a big raw material base, lack of cotton. From which was led out all natural resources that was possible: from natural gas till the gold and uranium, from the millions tones of cotton till the most quality silk cocoon. Furthermore villagers who carried out heavy state plans by hard sweaty work, whom were 86% of Uzbek population not received any extra support from government. Cotton fields exposed to the chemical cultivation, pouring poisonous liquids by planes even over working people, medical service was low, the level of maternal death was high, education system limped. In archives there are still video materials evidencing the infernally conditions in cotton fields. The book “Uzbekistan on the threshold of Independence” by the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov truthfully describes that difficult period.
In 1989 by CPSU of Central Committee and Soviet government started new level of old repressions under the name “Cotton case” or “Uzbek case” against Uzbekistan. The newspaper “Pravda” the main publication of Communistic party began to release articles which tarnished the reputation of Uzbekistan one by one. Therewith special investigators’ group subjected to punishment thousands of people accusing them in corruption and in different crimes. Most of those cases are still controversial. Obviously the “Uzbek case” was part of plan of opposition to liberal reforms in Uzbekistan. From only Kashkadarya region 3000 people held to criminally liable. The consequences of wrong and unjust inner politics of USSR’s government were bloody events in May of 1989 which happened in Kuvasoy, Fergana and in Kokand. Each man who read the book written by the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov “Serving in the path of happiness and great future of our motherland is a top value” feels how difficult was the life of commons in that alarming time. By historical facts we know even that critical period our president continued reforms for the benefit of the people.
18th august of 1991in RSFSR happened the event which later called as “August Putsch”. Coup d’etat in Moscow against Gorbachev and direction of group political adventurers called as Emergency Committee required of immediate reactions. At stake was stability and peace of Uzbekistan. Islam Karimov who was in India by political affairs urgently returned to Uzbekistan to take control in such serious situation. Later events are truly described in books of  Islam Karimov «Uzbekistan on the threshold of  Independence» and "Serving in the path of happiness and great future of our motherland is a top value". The famous British saying «a nation's greatness depends on its leader» over and over again proved its verity. In the new age people of Uzbekistan need a new leader,  one who unites, not divides. A cultured leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorship. A leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls, books, not weapons, morality, not corruption, intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance, stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. And lastly, a leader who will make their citizens proud.
On December 29th of 1991 were held referendum about the Independence of Uzbekistan and elections to the president's chair.Uzbeks chose Islam Karimov as their leader and chose the Independence to create their own country, to improve Uzbekistan and to make it great again. That Great event signified that black history of last 130 years has ended and opened the new page of our Motherland's history. I think, our people choosing their leader, picked their further fate, better life than they had in Soviet times.
We are the children of Independence, who never saw terrifies of being conquered, hardship of our past life. And we're the generation, whom believed our president in further proving of our Motherland, keeping its stability and wealth. The future of Uzbekistan is in our hands. So this is our honorable responsibility, and we must totally conform to our president's requirements of harmoniously developed youth. Today, we have all possibilities and conditions to reach all goals of our Nation.
Sardor Makhmudov

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