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Our national hero

     The person, who lives for others, is always alive.   (  Chinor novel by A. Muhtor).       
    Life is a gift, which is given for us by God. Every person spends it in various ways. But there are such kind of people  in the world, they illuminate universe and people's life, as the sun.    Sharof Rashidov was such kind of person. He governed Uzbek nation in grave position and improved their life.   He was a tall and a very muscular man. In addition to his contemporary person's words, he was intelligent, generous, sensitive, punctual, modest and hardworking person. He always cared for others' benefit and tried to help everybody. For instanc:Even though, he governed the state 34years, he didn't have his own house or car, even a bicycle. He brought up his children as diligent and thrusthful person. He was injured hard in the World War II. But in this con cf ition,  he advanced for his communit. He took people's work condition into consideration, checked even their food quality by himself. He preferred his responsibility to his own life and health.  One day his heart attacked on his way to meeting with nation. His driver told to go to hospital but he refused. He said that he must be with Uzbek nation, not lie on bed. Besides, he was a politician. He was an author as well. He wrote poems, novels and stories, such as,, Samarkand kuylari«collection of poem, “Kahrim», “ Goliblar", “ Burondan kuchli" novels.
   His heroes were ordinary people but cheerful, hardworking and easy-going like him.
  According to that, we know how him to be powerful and sensitive person.
  Nowadays, In our country, we are celebrating his 100year's anniversary. In every region, ,, Memory measures" are being carried out.
   We feel deep pride in our heart, because of being descendant of such kind of person.
  But we DON'T restrict this. We must try to be worthy successors of him.
Let's advance and try to resemble him!!!
 The student  of Foreign Languages Faculty Mavlonova Dildora

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