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Increase your typing speed.

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Increase your typing speed.
Learn the correct hand position. To type quickly, you must hold your hands and fingers in a certain position over the keys, and let them return to that position when at rest.[3] In brief, your hands should arch up slightly from the wrists, and your fingers should rest lightly on the “home row” section of the keyboard.
Close your eyes and say the keys out loud as you press them. One good way to help you get to know the positions of the keys without looking at them is to look away from the keys, and directly at the screen, and pronounce the keys as you press them. This will help you with the process of memorizing the key positions. Keep doing it until you no longer need to say the letters as you press them.
Practice with some online games. There are a whole bunch of websites which have free typing games that you can practice on. They will normally give you a score and record your WPM too, so you can try to beat your record and compete with others doing the tests and games online.
Remember to practice it constantly to get good results.Below there is a URL for you to practice your skills online.

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