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I can read it.

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The average person reads approximately 250 words per minute. A speed reader can read from 600-1500 words per minute, or more. Their comprehension percentage is no less than that of the average reader. The technique allows you to take in the printed word just like you take in images while watching a movie, allowing you to read an entire magazine or book at speeds that can amount to two to ten times faster than the average rate.
The brain processes images much faster than it can process words. When a car zooms by on the television screen, do you say to yourself ‘C-A-R, car’? You see it in your mind, so you don’t have to spell it out. When you see the word on a page — car, the voice in your head repeats the word “car.”This slows the reading process. Speed reading is learning to see the words as pictures. Without the sub-vocalization you can read much faster, and still retain what you read. Essentially, you are re-teaching your brain to switch the functions of the brain from the cognitive and reading areas on the right to the visual centers on the left.
Therefore, theoretically reading green codes that move fast like in film matrix is possible.

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